Continuity and Transformation

The Austrian Academy of Sciences 1918, 1938 and 1945

In Cooperation with o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Mitchell G. Ash (Institute of History, University of Vienna) and the Archive of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Mag. Dr. Stefan Sienell, Mag. Petra Aigner)

The project has as its basic approach a novel view of the Academy as an institution in the academic field, which conforms to specific preconditions and logics of action. Research covers the scopes of action and the strategies of negotiation of the various actors and interest groups.  The project focuses on continuities and transformation of and in institutional, personal and scientific issues against the background of the political caesurae in Austria in the course of the 20th century.


Heads of Project:  Johannes Feichtinger, Heidemarie Uhl
Collaborators:  Rosemarie Burgstaller, Dieter Hecht
Publications: Johannes Feichtinger, Heidemarie Uhl, Dieter Hecht
Funding: Limited Third-Party-Funding (City of Vienna MA 7 – Science)
Duration: 2010/01/03 – 2022/31/12

Foto: Front view of the Austrian Academy of Sciences around 1935. © ÖNB Bildarchiv