Scientific and Scholarly Change in Austria and Central Europe 1848–1989

Shedding new light on 150 years of the history of scholarship and science in Austria and central Europe, the project investigates the key actors, structures and processes against the backdrop of the intersecting and conflicting interests of science, politics and culture. It reconstructs the eventful history of modern scholarship’s struggle for autonomy in central Europe within the context of its international networks and impact. Particular focus in the investigation is given to the ways in which, beyond absolute autonomy or heteronomy, intellectual positions (identity, difference, similarities etc.) were developed that offer cultural theory and the politics of knowledge stimulating and constructive perspectives from which to analyze the social challenges facing the present day.

Head of Project: Johannes Feichtinger
Funding: ÖAW

Photo: Arkadenhof der Universität Wien. © IKT/Stefan Csáky