Cultures of Knowledge

On the basis that knowledge is situated, the projects analyze the specific functions of scientific and non-scientific knowledge in different contexts: how knowledge can be mobilized to regulate identities, generate or reduce cultural differences, and to establish and maintain discourses, practices and norms.
An analysis of the links between knowledge and social power structures reveals the underlying mechanisms of complex cultural processes and advances a more critical understanding of the factors that regulate social agency.

Coordinator: Johannes Feichtinger


Scientific and Scholarly Change in Austria and Central Europe (1848–1989)
Lead Researcher: Johannes Feichtinger

The Habsburg Monarchy as a Workshop of World Knowledge, 1760–1860
Lead Researcher: Franz L. Fillafer

Orientalisms in Comparison
In Cooperation with the Institute for Social Anthropology of the ÖAW
Coordination of an International Research Network (New Delhi – Vienna – London/Warwick)
Head of Project: Johannes Feichtinger, Johann Heiss

Science/Scholarship in an Ethnically and Culturally Heterogeneous Milieu
Lead Researcher: Peter Stachel


Continuity and Transformation
The Austrian Academy of Sciences in the 20th Century

In Cooperation with the Archive of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Heads of Project: Johannes Feichtinger, Heidemarie Uhl
Lead Researcher: Dieter Hecht

The Development and Impact of an Old-Austrian Intellectual Tradition

Lead Researcher: Peter Stachel