Globalized Remembrance?

Conflicting Memories in the Era of Claims for Moral Universals. Panel discussion (in English)

With Aleida Assmann, Omer Bartov, Carol Gluck, Zuzanna Dziuban and Rachel Ibreck

Chair and short project presentation: Ljiljana Radonić

As a kick-off event for the five-year ERC project Globalized Memorial Museums. Exhibiting Atrocities in the Era of Claims for Moral Universals (GMM) renowned members of the advisory board and the project team will discuss if the “globalization of memory” indeed exists and what its trajectories and limitations are. We will approach the question geographically by debating memory politics e.g. in East Asia and Rwanda; by critically unpacking competing memories of genocide and the Holocaust; and by investigating the prism of material and forensic traces at memorial sites.

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Contact: Marlene Gallner
Please register at marlene.gallner(at) by latest Wednesday, October 23, 12am and bring your ID.

Free Admission!

In cooperation with the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies.