03. October 2018 – 04. October 2018

The contested museum

Exhibiting contemporary history between deconstruction and generating sense - IKT's annual conference 2018

3-4 October 2018, Theatersaal of the OeAW, Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Vienna

The conference aims at discussing challenges which museums of contemporary history (including memorials and memorial museums) are facing. An area of tension is assumed between the museum as a site of critical reflection of (national) identity and a patriotic generating of sense on the one hand and the mission to teach democracy and human rights in times of crisis of democracy and renaissance of nationalism on the other.

These developments will be discussed in the course of the following panels:
- Beyond the National
- Migration as the new paradigm
- Memorial sites as spaces of generating sense
- Panel discussion on "The museums as a moral establishment?"
- Jewish museums as a corrective
- Exhibiting victims and perpetrators - National socialism and Holocaust at the museum
- Post-communist memorial museums - between Europeanization and national reinvention
- Museum goes digital

(pdf download, german version)

(pdf download, german version)
(pdf download, german version)