Ways to approach the Tivviyappirabantam

  • Time: 15. - 17. Oct. 2015, 9:00-18:00
  • Venue: Institut für Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens, Seminarraum 1
  • Organisation: Marcus Schmücker


The Nālāyirat Tivviyappirapantam (or Tivyappirapantam), i.e. the “four-thousand divine compositions (Tamil nāl-āyiram “four-thousand” and Sanskrit divya-prabandha-) is divided into four books and contains works of twelve Āḻvārs, Vaiṣṇava saints who composed mainly verses and lived between the 6th and 10th c. in places which today are primarily part of Tamil Nadu, South India. Even though the large text corpus has increasingly become an important topic of research in the last few years, a systematic approach remains a desideratum. Many problems like the chronology of the Āḻvārs and their works, the question of a critical edition, the development and change of language, the tradition of transmission, the development of topics, socio-religious and cultural influences during the formation of the corpus, or the stylistic and poetic devices are still important issues to be investigated.


In collaboration with ERC Advanced Grant NETamil (see http://www.manuscript-cultures.uni-hamburg.de/netamil/index.html) this workshop is the first meeting of a research group aimed at approaching the works of the Āḻvārs from different methodological perspectives. It will focus on a philological analysis with the larger goal to provide a comprehensible, true-to-original translation of the complete Tivviyapirapantam.

You can find the detailed program here: Ways to approach the Tivviyapirabantam.