Parshotam L. Mehra

Tibetan Polity in the 20th Century
Dalai and Panchen Lamas in Conflict and Conciliation


  • Tibetan Polity: An Introduction Dienstag, 14.5.2002, 18.00 c.t.
  • The Discovery and Installation of the 14th Dalai Lama and the 10th Panchen Lama,and the May 1951 Agreement Mittwoch, 15.5.2002, 18.00 c.t.
  • The Lama's Visits to Beijing (1954-1955) and India (1956-1957) Mittwoch, 22.5.2002, 18.00 c.t.
  • The March 1959 Rebellion and Its Aftermath Donnerstag, 23.5.2002, 18.00 c.t.
  • The Lamas Inch Closer – From Conflict to Conciliation Montag, 27.5.2002, 18.00 c.t.
  • Retrospect and Prospect ::Mittwoch, 29.5.2002, 18.c.t.


Prof. P. L. Mehra (*1920) war Professor und Chairman der Departments of History und Central Asian Studies, Panjab University (1970–80), Reader in History und Chairman des Department of Central Asian Studies, Panjab University (1960–70), Gastprofessor, Universität Bonn (1973), Research Officer, Ministry of Defence, Government of India (1956–60), Lecturer, Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun (1951–52, 1954–56) und Mitglied des Panjab Education Service (1945–61).

Neben zahlreichen wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen in indischen und internationalen Fachzeitschriften sind seine wichtigsten Monographien: The Younghusband Expedition, an Interpretation (Asia 1968), The McMahon Line And After (London 1974), Tibetan Polity 1904-1937 (Wiesbaden 1976), The North-Eastern Frontier: A Documentary Study, 2 vols. (Oxford University Press 1979, 1980), A Dictionary of Modern Indian History 1707-1947 (Oxford University Press 1985, reprint 1987), Society, Religion and the State: Identity Crises in Indian History (Madras 1996), The North-West Frontier Drama 1945-1947: A Reassessment (Manohar, Delhi 1998, Oxford Univ. Press, Karachi, 2000).