International workshop

Archives as Cultural Heritage: Cases from Japan, Africa and Europe

  • Time: Fr. 2 June 2017
  • Venue: Institut für Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens
  • Organisation: Prof. Abe Yasurō and Dr. Yoshida Sayuri (Nagoya)
  • Cooperation: Bernhard Scheid (IKGA)


Cultural heritage is indispensable for humanity in order to envision both the human past and the human future. To this end, archiving is necessary to create or to appreciate cultural heritage.

Hitherto, archives relevant for the humanities were often confined to small groups of people, some resources being newly discovered while others being only known to specialists. In recent years, digitalization is leading to a much broader public access to archived resources. However, in order to achieve digitalization and databanking, new technical skills and knowledge are necessary. Moreover, guidelines regarding access and common property of resources have to be defined. Nevertheless, at present, researchers still tend to create their own idiosyncratic solutions rather than using standardized formats and platforms. This leads to problems pertaining to all fields of literary and historical studies, which need to be discussed on an international and interdisciplinary level.

This workshop has been designed by specialists of Japanese medieval and early modern Shintō as well as an expert of Ethiopian Studies. In addition, specialists of medieval Austrian history and from the Austrian Center of Digital Humanities will tackle issues of archiving from their points of view. Starting from various materials including literary texts, illuminated texts, religious iconography and folk culture, a general question will be, how the archiving of such materials can result in a contribution to the common cultural heritage.





Lectures in the morning will be in Japanese, lectures in the afternoon in English.

9:15Welcome address ご挨拶 (Bernhard Scheid)

9:30Prof. Abe Yasurō 阿部泰郎 (Nagoya University)

Archives as Cultural Heritage, The Archival Enterprise of Shinto Texts within Temple Records 中世神道文献 を含む寺院伝来宗教テクストのアーカイヴス探査

10:15Dr. Miyoshi Toshinori 三好俊徳 (Nanzan University)

Archiving religious texts transmitted by Shinpukuji Temple 真福寺に伝来する宗教テクストのアーカイヴ化

11:00–11:30, C o f f e e

11:30Prof. Chikamoto Kensuke 近本謙介 (Nagoya University)

On the Kasuga cult and its archive 春日信仰とそのアーカイヴについて

12:15Dr. Daitō Takaaki 大東敬明 (Kokugakuin University)

Archiving the Collection of Festival Illustrations 國學院大學所蔵の祭礼図とデジタルアーカイヴ

13:00–14:30, L u n c h

14:30Dr. Yoshida Sayuri 吉田早悠里 (Nanzan University)

Archiving Viennese resources on the history of Ethiopian peoples

15:15Dr. Stefan Köck (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Open to Surprises: On Research for the “Shintō-uke Project” at the Ikeda Family Archive of Okayama University

16:00–16:30, C o f f e e

16:30Dr. Martin Roland (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Archives in Austria and Beauty

17:15Dr. Sugimoto Go (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Digital archives’ mindset and competence: Ethos, pathos, and logos for better strategies

18:00, E n d

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