This project deals with the extensive commentary by Dharmottara, an 8th century Buddhist epistemologist, on Dharmakīrti'sPramāṇaviniścaya.

Chapter 2

Research: Helmut Krasser, Masamichi Sakai, Hisataka Ishida

The codex unicus for chapter 2 of Dharmottara's commentary on Pramāṇaviniścaya is incomplete and contains 71 folios. Within the framework of two dissertations completed at the University of Vienna, diplomatic and critical editions of selected sections were produced, together with annotated translations. Masamichi Sakai dealt with the kṣaṇikatva section on the proof of momentariness (ad PVin 2.26,14-32,21 ed. Steinkellner 1973), while Hisataka Ishida dealt with the section on the logical nexus (niyama) (ad PVin 2.37,32-47,25 ed. Steinkellner 1973).

Chapter 3, Diplomatic Edition

Research: Pascale Hugon, Toshikazu Watanabe, Prof. Takashi Iwata

The Pramāṇaviniścayaṭīkā by the 8th-century Indian Buddhist scholar Dharmottara is an extensive commentary on Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇaviniścaya.
A diplomatic edition of the third chapter (the chapter on "proof") has been prepared on the basis of a copy of an incomplete palm-leaf manuscript (codex unicus, 120 extant folios, 40 folios missing) of the Sanskrit original in Proto-Bengali script.
Collaborative work on this edition has been carried out by researchers at the IKGA (Pascale Hugon, Toshikazu Watanabe) and at Waseda University (Prof. Takashi Iwata and his team).
The volume was submitted for publication in the STTAR-Series in spring 2019.

Chapter 3, section on pseudo-reasons (hetvābhāsa)

Research: Toshikazu Watanabe

The aim of the project is (1) to produce a critical edition of the Dharmottara's section on pseudo-reasons (hetvābhāsa) in his commentary on  Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇaviniścaya 3, vv. 68-85ab, and (2) an annotated translation of both the commentary and the basic text. The project was carried out at the Institute until Watanabe's appointment as Assistant Professor at Kokugakuin University (spring 2018) and is now being continued in Japan.