Diplomatic and critical editions

Jinendrabuddhi's Pramāṇasamuccayaṭīkā from the 2nd half of the 8th century CE is the only surviving Indian commentary on Dignāga's Pramāṇasamuccaya. On the basis of copies of a complete codex unicus kept in Lhasa, a diplomatic and a critical edition of all six chapters (perception, inference, proof, example, concepts, false rejoinders) are being prepared. Chapters 1 and 2 have already been published:

Chapters 3, 4 and 6 are being edited by Yasutaka Muroya, Toshikazu Watanabe, Shōryū Katsura (Ryūkoku University/Kyōto) and Motoi Ono (Tsukuba University) with the support of Diwakar Acharya (University of Oxford). Chapter 5 is being edited by Patrick McAllister and Horst Lasic.

See also: Collection and edition of fragments of the early classical Indian philosophical literature from Jinendrabuddhi's Pramāṇasamuccayaṭīkā.