The minutes of the sessions of the Austrian government’s Council of Ministers, usually held weekly, form a key source for the history of the Republic due to their comprehensive character and content. In terms of content, they convey the entirety of the political discussions and the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers. Their publication in a scientifically edited form provides an essential contribution to the recording and preservation of historical legacy, to the transparency of political decision-making processes, the scientific investigation of the political, economic, social and cultural history of the Republic and to political education. The editing process follows the guidelines for producing a critical, systematically annotated and commented work. The introduction to each volume offers an overview of the stock of documents it comprises and of the editorial principles and most important topics dealt with in that volume. The comments explain facts, persons and materials; they summarise supplements and refer to further archive records, parliamentary debates, legislation and contemporary press articles. Each volume is equipped with a place and subject index.
An overview of the volumes published until 2013 is available here.

Since 2013, the project has been conducted at the Institute of Modern and Contemporary History at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Austrian State Archive, the Austrian Society for the Study of Historical Sources and the University of Vienna, and is supported by the Science and Research Fund of the City of Vienna and of the State of Lower Austria, as well as by the Austrian Science Fund, FWF.

Two series of the Council of Ministers’ minutes are currently being compiled:

The Austrian State Council: Minutes of the Executive Committee, of the State Council and of the managing State Council Directorate of the Republic of (German) Austria (1918–1919) and Minutes of the Cabinet Council of the Republic of (German) Austria, the Cabinet of K. Renner I–III (1918–1920)

The jubilee year 2018, ‘100 years of the Republic of Austria’, represents an opportunity to begin work on publishing the minutes of the government sessions from the time of the Republic’s foundation. The minutes document the decision-making processes of central bodies of the provisional government and legislative in the founding phase of the Republic. The State Council existed from the end of the Monarchy in November 1918 until the election of an (German) Austrian constitutive national assembly in February 1919. The members of the state government formed the Cabinet Council; in November 1920 this highest-level advisory body was transformed into the Council of Ministers.

Volume 1 of the State Council minutes has been published. Volume 1 of the Cabinet Council minutes of the cabinet of Karl Renner is in the process of being compiled.

Minutes of the Council of Ministers of the Second Republic of the Republic of Austria: the Cabinet of L. Figl (1945–1949)

The minutes of the Council of Ministers of the government of Leopold Figl I (1945–1949) in 18 edited volumes document the rebuilding of the Republic of Austria in the first four post-war years. The political efforts of the Austrian federal government centred on securing the supply of the population, negotiations with the occupying and controlling powers (Great Britain, France, USA, USSR), the reconstruction of the economy, the beginning of integration into the West and the struggle for the Austrian State Treaty.

Volumes 1–11 have been published. Volumes 12–18 are in the process of being compiled.

Project team

Professor Dr Gertrude Enderle-Burcel (project leader)

Professor Dr Wolfgang Mueller (project leader)

Dr Rudolf Jerabek (co-editor)

Dr Elisabeth Gmoser