The HEMSEE project (financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation) intends to produce a source-based handbook showing the challenges and opportunities of working with the historiographic texts of Early Modern Southeast Europe. Operating with thematic clusters, leading experts in the field will explore both familiar and uncharted territories and thereby analyze excerpts from both mainstream and “minor” sources.
A true crossroads of different cultures, Early Modern Southeast Europe presents the historian with the rare opportunity to understand what writing history means in a multilingual, pluriconfessional, and politically diverse space. Approaching the issue form three angles – subject, narration, and method –, scholars belonging to different fields will discuss from a comparative cultural-historical perspective texts and issues barely known outside highly specialized circles.
Designed for a broader audience, HEMSEE will try to render justice to the complex, albeit underestimated, historiographic traditions of Early Modern Southeast Europe.


Dr. Konrad Petrovszky (PI)
Dr. Ovidiu-Victor Olar

Project Term

As of 1 January 2019