The ‘Balkan Research Series’ includes authoritative works on the historical and contemporary understanding of the Balkan region in its internal and extra-regional interconnectedness. In line with a scientific tradition reaching back into the nineteenth century, the Series pursues a methodologically open orientation, is open to diverse disciplines and also encourages comparative studies and historical source editions. Reflecting the linguistic diversity of research, publication is possible in German, English, French and Italian.


To date, following volumes have been published

Vol. 1/1-5 Oliver Jens Schmitt/Eva Anne Frantz (Hgg.), Politik und Gesellschaft im osmanischen Vilayet Kosovo und im serbisch beherrschten Kosovo (Vienna 2020).

Vol. 2 Ermanno Orlando, Strutture e pratiche di una comunità urbana. Spalato, 1420-1479 (Venezia - Wien, 2019) (in cooperation with the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venezia).