Yasir Yilmaz

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Yasir Yilmaz is a research associate in the research unit Digital Historiography and Editions.

Brief Biography

Yasir Yılmaz is a Turkish historian (born 1981 and raised in Ankara). Originally a graduate of Public Finance, he has completed his M.A. in Ottoman History at Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey) where his doctoral supervisor was Halil İnalcık. Yılmaz then received a Ph.d (2015) in early modern Habsburg and European History from Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA) where he worked with Habsburg historian Charles W. Ingrao. After a short stay in Turkey, Between 2016 and 2020, Yılmaz worked as a Assistant Professor at Palacky Universty (Olomouc, Czech Republic) and held a visiting professor position at the Innsbruck University in 2019-2020 Winter Semester. Yilmaz has held an Ernst Mach Stipendium as a doctoral student and a Richard Plaschka Stipendium as a post-doc researcher from the ÖeAD.

Dr. Yılmaz is currently working on his first book "The Road to 1683: A New History of the Second Ottoman Siege of Vienna", which will be published by the Edinburgh University Press in 2021 and will be his Habilitation work. This will be the first book on the second Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683 in any language based on original archival research since the 1960s, making use of German, Turkish, Italian, Polish, and French sources. The future projects of Dr. Yılmaz will entail various aspects of Ottoman-Habsburg history.

Research Interests

Period: 1500-1918
Area: Ottoman Empire, Habsburg Monarchy
Topics: diplomacy, administrative structures. Relations, exchanges and contacts between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire.

Selected Publications

  • "The Road to 1683: A New History of the Second Ottoman Siege of Vienna" (Edinburgh University Press, 2021) (in progress)
  • "Confessionalization or a Quest for Order? A comparative look at religion and state in the seventeenth-century Ottoman, Habsburg, and Russian Empires" in: Ottoman Sunnism: New Perspectives, ed. Vefa Erginbaş (Edinburgh University Press, 2019), 90-120
  • "Nebulous Ottomans vs. Good Old Habsburgs: a historiographical comparison," Austrian History Yearbook, Volume 48, (2017): 173-190.
  • "Grand vizieral authority revisited: Köprülüs’ legacy and Kara Mustafa Paşa," Mediterranean Historical Review, Volume 31, Issue 1 (2016): 21-42