Funding: FFG / bmvit

Duration: 2016-2018

Project Lead Partner: Lo.La Peak Solutions GmbH

Lead IGF: Andrea Fischer

Tyrolean topography is dominated by the Alps. At high altitudes glaciers cover a total of c. 360km². This means that around 3% of the total area of Tyrol is permanently covered in ice. The special topographic situation and the extraordinary diversity of the surface texture affect the inhabitants of alpine regions in many ways. This project looks at a variety of aspects of snow and ice and makes them tangible for the pupils. By engaging with this theme they deal with the entire ‘life cycle’ from the formation of snow crystals in the clouds to the transformation from snow to ice, with the mechanisms that trigger avalanches and reflect on the significance of snow and ice for the society as a whole.

The project CSI snow&ice looks at essential aspects of snow and ice, combining interactive teaching units, aimed at imparting basic knowledge in an exciting way, with experiments in which pupils can experience and apply what they have learned, and with field trips in which they actively and independently use their acquired insights. In addition, the didactic method is also used for peer learning (learning by teaching).