Shallow erosion dynamics in mountain grasslands of South Tyrol: Monitoring, process analysis and mitigation measures

Funding: Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol

Duration: 2017–2019

Project team: Martin Rutzinger

ERODYN website 

Shallow eroded areas (in German also known as Blaiken) occur frequently on steep grassland slopes from the montane to alpine elevation zone of the Alps. By displacing vegetation and soil, erosion processes degrade mountain meadows and pastures. The aim of the project ERODYN is the monitoring and process analysis of shallow erosion on mountain grassland in South Tyrol to gain a more profound and solid understanding of the phenomenon and its dynamics. This is pursued by a remote sensing and geomatics approach for monitoring the spatio-temporal dynamics of erosion, combined with an analysis of driving factors for erosion and its impacts on landscape ecology, mountain agriculture, as well as sediment mobilisation and natural hazards.