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Tanvir Ahmed holds a BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University (2014), with a specialization in Middle Eastern Studies. While at the George Washington University, he worked as a research assistant at the Departments of Anthropology and International Affairs, and wrote a senior thesis in the Department of History. He began his doctoral studies at Stanford University, receiving an MA in Religious Studies in 2016. In 2017, Tanvir transferred to Brown University’s Department of Religious Studies. During the fall of 2019, he was a lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2021, Tanvir received a PhD in Religious Studies from Brown University with a focus on the study of Islam. His dissertation, “Radical Shadows of God: Islam and Sociopolitical Dissent, 1240-1600,” explores the theorization and representation of rebellious behaviors in historical Central Asia and Iran in an attempt to reconstruct the political imaginaries of rebellious artisans, farmers, pastoralists, laborers, teachers, itinerants, and others. At present, Tanvir is a research fellow at the Austrian Academy of Science’s Institute of Iranian Studies, attached to the Nomads’ Manuscripts Landscape project.


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  • History of Iran and Central Asia, particularly after the Mongol conquests.

  • Popular resistance and sociopolitical dissent.

  • Critical historiography, reconstructing precolonial epistemologies and ontologies.

  • Sufism, particularly hagiographies, shrine guides, and social memory.

  • Arabic and Persian manuscripts, codicology, digital humanities.

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