• Dr.

    Suchita Kulkarni

Post doc

    CMS Physics Analysis, Theory New Physics


      Location: Apostelgasse

      Room: 401

      Telephone: +43 1 51581 - 2815

        Research interests:

        My research interest primarily is phenomenology of new physics scenarios. I specially concentrate on models which include a dark matter candidate. Such models can leave their imprint at the cosmic scale as well as at the collider experiments. I evaluate the impact a given new physics model at colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as well as at cosmic scales such as direct and indirect detection experiments and assess the viability of such new physics scenarios with all the existing constraints. I further find ways to discover the viable regions of parameter space of such new physics models. 

        My other research interests include open data and open access science. I try to find to ways to make the data from LHC as well as from dark matter experiments available for theorists and for general public. I have participated in MadAnalysis Public Analysis database, a project which aims at creating a public database of new physics searches at the LHC. I served as one of the steering group members of the LHC reinterpretation forum. I am also a developer of SModelS, a tool which uses simplified model results of new physics searches at the LHC in a systematic fashion. 

        I love to develop tools and perform numerical analysis. 

        I work extensively with the LHC experimentalists. I am an associate theorist with the CMS collaboration and work with the CMS analysis group in Vienna. I believe, such an interaction is not only helpful but necessary in order to advance the field. The aim of such exercises is two fold, one is to devise new ways to discover new physics at the LHC and another is to demonstrate the necessity of open data and open access systems by pointing absence of necessary information for theorists in the public results of LHC searches. 

        If you are a motivated bachelors or masters student, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on potential project work.

          Biographical sketch:

          I was born in Mumbai, India where I completed my education until my master's degree. Below is a short sketch of my career so far.

          1. September 2017 - present: Elise-Richter fellow at HEPHY, Vienna
          2. September 2014 - August 2017: Joint postdoctoral research fellow with CMS analysis - DM theory group at HEPHY, Vienna
          3. 09/2011 - 08/2013: Postdoctoral research fellow, Theory group, Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique & Cosmologie (LPSC), Grenoble, France
          4. 07/2007 - 08/2011: Doctoral fellow, Theory group of Prof. Manuel Drees, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany
          5. 06/2004 - 07/2006: Master of Science, Mumbai University, Mumbai, India


            • OeAD mobility grant -- Austria - India joint project (from June 2018) 
            • FWF Elise - Richter Fellowship (from September 2017)
            • Marie-Curie Early stage researcher fellowship of the UniverseNet EU network


              Master Students: (Principle supervisor)

              1. Mr. Valentin Czamler (Since May 2019 - present, joint master student with Dr. Florian Reindl, CRESST collaboration)
              2. Mr. Gerhard Ungersbäck (Since October 2018 - present)
              3. Ms. Alicia Wongel (November 2017 - March 2018, went to do PhD in ATLAS group at DESY, Hamburg)
              4. Mr. Lukas Lechner (finished November 2017, currently pursuing his PhD in CMS analyses group )
              5. Ms. Genessis Perez (now doing her PhD at KIT) 

              Master Students: (co-supervisor)

              1. Ms. Veronika Magerl (Now doing her PhD at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg)
              2. Mr. Micheal Traub (finished October 2015, moved to industry)

                  Outreach activities:

                  I am active on twitter. As a physicist, I like to tweet about all the fun things happening in physics and as a female physicist, from time to time I like to raise my voice and express my opinion. You can follow me on twitter here

                  Some of the outreach activities I participated in

                  • Particle Physics masterclasses (2015, 2016, 2017)
                  • Long night of research (2016)
                  • European researchers night (2017)
                  • Dark matter day (2017)

                  Media apperences

                    Further Information:

                    A complete list of my publications can be found here.

                    Organization responsibilities: 

                    • OeAW diversity and equality working group member since 2019
                    • Member of LoC (diversity contact) for OeAW machine learning school 2019
                    • Equal opportunity contact person at HEPHY since 2018
                    • Member of local organising committee ALPS2018
                    • Member of local organizing committee ALPS2017
                    • HEPHY colloquium organizer - December 2017 - present
                    • Forum on the Interpretation of the LHC Results for BSM studies: Steering group member - July 2016  - January 2018
                    • (Re)-interpretation of LHC results - workshop organizer CERN, Switzerland, June 2016
                    • MIAPP dark matter workshop - Joint organizer mini-workshop: Collider results MIAPP, Munich, February 2015
                    • Weekly discussion club organizer HEPHY, Vienna, January 2015 - present Theory group seminar organizer LPSC, Grenoble, May 2013 - August 2014


                    • Delle Rose, Luigi; Khalil, Shaaban; King, Simon J. D.; Kulkarni, Suchita; Marzo, Carlo et al. [..] (2018) Sneutrino Dark Matter in the BLSSM. J. High Energy Phys. (7), S. ARTN 100.
                    • Ambrogi, Federico; Kraml, Sabine; Kulkarni, Suchita; Laa, Ursula; Lessa, Andre et al. [..] (2018) SModelS v1.1 user manual: Improving simplified model constraints with efficiency maps. Comput. Phys. Commun., Bd. 227, S. 72-98.
                    • Kahlhoefer, Felix; Kulkarni, Suchita; Wild, Sebastian (2017) Exploring light mediators with low-threshold direct detection experiments. J. Cosmol. Astropart. Phys. (11), S. ARTN 016.
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                    • Bertuzzo, Enrico; Deppisch, Frank F.; Kulkarni, Suchita; Perez Gonzalez, Yuber F.; Funchal, Renata Zukanovich (2017) Dark matter and exotic neutrino interactions in direct detection searches. J. High Energy Phys. (4), S. ARTN 073.