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    Wolfgang Adam

Senior research associate

CMS Physics Analysis

CMS Tracker


    Location: CERN

    Room: 40-4-A28

    Telephone: +41 2276 71661

      Research interests:

      The search for supersymmetry with the CMS experiment is at the core of my research interests. Since the start of the LHC physics project several searches for supersymmetry have been conducted and published in the context of HEPHY's CMS physics analysis project. From mid-2016 to mid-2018 I have been co-convening one of the corresponding physics group of the CMS collaboration. With the start of LHC's second run these searches are entering into a new, exciting stage.

      My second research interest is centered on track and vertex reconstruction in complex events like the ones produced in collisions at the LHC. In close collaboration with HEPHY's algorithm and software development group I have developed important parts of the CMS track reconstruction code. Related to this activity I have also coordinated the CMS group in charge with the identification of b-quark jets.

      From September 2018 to August 2020 I was one of the two CMS physics coordinators with the responsibility to define and implement the physics programme of the collaboration.

        Biographical sketch:

        2018-2020 Physics coordinator, CMS collaboration
        2016-2018 Co-convener for SUSY searches, CMS collaboration
        2014-2015 Co-convener for SUSY searches in leptonic topologies, CMS collaboration
        2009-2010 Co-convenor of the b-tag and vertexing group, CMS collaboration
        2006 Co-ordinator offline software framework, CMS
        2005- HEPHY project leader for the CMS physics analysis
        2001-2008 HEPHY project leader for the DELPHI experiment
        2000-2004 Convenor of the LEP exotica working group
        1998/2000 Co-convenor of physics groups (exotica, topological searches), DELPHI experiment
        1992/1994 CERN research fellow
        1986 Diploma in physics, Vienna University of Technology

                Outreach activities:

                • visits to CMS for Austrian groups from schools, universities and the general public
                • collaboration with Australian artist Chris Henschke in the context of the art@CMS project