Suman Chatterjee

Post doc

CMS Physics Analysis

CMS Physics Analysis,  CMS Tracker


Telephone: +43 (1) 51581 - 2817

Location: Apostelgasse

Room: 401

Biographical sketch

  • 2020-present:  Post-doctoral research at HEPHY, Vienna
  • 2016-present:  Member of the CMS Collaboration
  • 2014-2020:      Post-graduation (M.Sc.) + doctoral research (Ph.D.) at TIFR, Mumbai
  • 2011-2014:      Undergraduation (B.Sc.) at  Jadavapur University, Kolkata

To know more, please follow my personal webpage https://sumanchatterjeetifr.wordpress.com/about/.


    • Autumn 2019: Tutor for the course 'statistical methods in physics' at TIFR graduate school
    • January 2019: Co-coordinator of software session (algorithms used in high energy physics for event generation, reconstruction, and analysis) at 12th SERB school in experimental high energy physics, India
    • Autumn 2016: Tutor for the course 'adavnaced electrodynamics' at TIFR graduate school

    Research interests

    I am now working primarily on the physics of Higgs boson in the CMS experiment. I am also partly involved in the search for a Higgs boson in minimal supersymmetric standard model.

    I spend some of my time in the measurement of silicon sensors for HGCAL, a new calorimeter in the CMS experiment, to be used during  HL-LHC.

    During my Ph.D., I had extensively worked on jets. I love using jets both for precision tests of standard model and searches for new physics.

    In summary, I have my legs in QCD, electroweak physics, and physics beyond standard model.

    To know more about my research, please follow my personal webpage https://sumanchatterjeetifr.wordpress.com/research-interests/.