• DI

    Sebastian Templ

Phd Student

CMS Physics Analysis


    Location: Apostelgasse

    Room: D01

    Telephone: +43 1 51581 - 2822

      Research interests:

      I search for physics beyond the standard model (SM) using data collected with the CMS detector at CERN-LHC. More specifically, I am looking for long-lived particles that might be created in non-SM processes and decay into known particles.

        Biographical sketch:

        • 2018: Data Analysis for the ALICE experiment at CERN-LHC, study of low-mass dileptons in high-energy heavy-ion collisions using machine learning techniques [thesis]
        • 2017: Data analysis and sensor studies for the Silicon Tracking System of the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at GSI/FAIR
        • 2016: Participant of the International Summer Student Program 2016 at GSI/FAIR, quality assurance of silicon microstrip sensors for CBM-STS
        • 2016: Simulation and data analysis for the CRESST dark matter experiment, calculation of the light yield of a CRESST-II detector module by application of Birks' law
        • 2014: Simulations for the ASACUSA antihydrogen spectroscopy experiment, evaluation of the spatial resolution of a scintillation detector as used in the beamline setup [thesis]
        • 2011-2018: Technical Physics at TU Wien


          PhD fellowship of the Doctoral Program on Particles and Interactions (DK-PI)