• DI Dr.

    Markus Friedl

Group Leader Electronics




    Location: HEPHY

    Room: 318

    Telephone: +43 (1) 5447328 - 38

      Research interests:

      I am working on electronics and mechanics of the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector.

      This includes novel approaches such as lightweight compound materials, a new readout concept of double-sided silicon detectors as well as applying a digital filter for signal improvement or an artificial neural network for feature extraction - both in FPGA firmware.

        Biographical sketch:

        Born: 18 July 1973 in Vienna, Austria


        1999 – 2001Doctoral Study Course in Electrical Engineering, finished with distinction
        1991 – 1999Diploma Study Course in Electrical Engineering (bachelor+master)
        1983 – 1991Grammar School (Realgymnasium), graduation with distinction
        1979 – 1983Primary School (Volksschule)


        19993 months at MIT (Cambridge, MA) for the PHOBOS experiment
        1997 – 1999Website design for three small companies
        1995 – presentWorking at HEPHY (employed since 1997)
        1993 – 1995Tutor for programming course in Pascal at University of Technology (TU Wien)
        1989 – 1995Several summer jobs with Siemens, IBM, Honeywell and Shell companies


        2014 – presentLeader of the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector Electronics Group and deputy leader of the Mechanics group
        2010 – presentLeader of the machine shop department (staff w/o leader: 2)
        2009 – 2013Co-convener of the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector group
        2009 – presentFire safety engineer (Brandschutzbeauftragter)
        2007 – present

        Leader of the electronics department (staff w/o leader: 15)


        2002 – presentBelle & Belle II @ KEK
        1999PHOBOS @ BNL
        1998 – presentCMS @ CERN
        1995 – 1999RD42 (development of diamond detectors) @ CERN


              2014Lecturer at the Danube School on Instrumentation in Elementary Particle and Nuclear Physics, Novi Sad
              2009 – presentPR "Experimentelle Methoden der Hochenergiephysik" (PR 141.A31 and 141.A46), TU Vienna

                Outreach activities:

                Illuminati - Fiction & Facts


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