• DI Dr.

    Dietrich Liko


CMS Physics Analysis


    Location: Apostelgasse


    Telephone: +43 (1) 51581 -

      Research interests:

      • Development of tools for computing in the area of particle physics
      • Grid and Cloudcomputing
      • Operation of the Austrian Tier-2 Center for LHC
      • Austrian representative at the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Collaboration (WLCG)
      • Application of grid computing in other areas (medicine, theoretical physics,...)

        Biographical sketch:

        Since 2011 Group Leader of the Physics Computing Group at HEPHY

        2000-2008 CERN Staff with the ATLAS Experiment

        • Project Leader ATLAS Distributed Analysis (Grid computing)
        • Leader of the Control Group of ATLAS TDAQ System

        1998-2000 CERN Project Associate with DELPHI  

        • Project Leader of the DELPHI RICH Detector
        • Physics Coordinator W Decays

        1996-1997 CERN Fellow with the DELPHI Experiment   

        • Software Project Leader of DELPHI RICH Detector

        1992-1995 Research Scientist with HEPHY   

        • Search for rare B decays at DELPHI

        1990-1994 PhD beim DELPHI Experiment

        • Measurement of average lifetime von B Hadronen at LEP

        1989 Diploma thesis at the NA36 Experiment

        • Vertex reconstruction at a Heavy Ion Experiment

                  Further Information:


                  • Science Award of Lower Austria, 2009.