Below you can find a list of recommended literature that contains works in German and English.

  • Claessens, M. "ITER: The Giant Fusion Reactor" (2020). ISBN 978-3-030-27580-8 | 978-3-030-27581-5 (eBook).
  • Hutchinson, I. H. "Principles of Plasma Diagnostics" (2. Ed., 2002). ISBN 978-0-521-80389-2.
  • Kaufmann, M. "Plasmaphysik und Fusionsforschung" (2. Ed., 2013). ISBN 978-3-658-03239-5.
  • Stroth, U. "Plasmaphysik: Phänomene, Grundlagen und Anwendungen" (2. Ed., 2018). ISBN 978-3-662-55236-0.
  • Wesson, J. "Tokamaks" (4. Ed., 2011). ISBN 978-0-199-59223-4.

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Library

The IAEA library at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) is primarily aimed at fusion researchers and staff of public institutions and is not open to the general public. In order to gain access, you have to fill out an application form.

Their online catalogue offers free access to the following works, among others: