PhD student Johannes Brötzner
Cover page of the brochure „Fusion Research in Austria 2022-2023"
The record pulse
The tokamak JT-60SA
Participants of the 10th Fusion Day in Leoben
JET Torus Hall
Screenshot of
Video still of the world record fusion shot #99971 (2021) at JET
Infographic about nuclear fusion
Joint European Torus
PhD student Alexander Bodenseher (TU Wien)
40 years of plasma operation at JET
Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler at the opening of the exhibition "Energy Transition. A Race against time"
Lidija and Hector the Sector (a 1:100 model of a ITER coil)
Participants of the 9th Fusion Day in Vienna
Georg Harrer (TU Wien), Lidija Radovanovic (TU Wien), Elisabeth Wolfrum (IPP Garching), Friedrich Aumayr (TU Wien) holding a 3D printed 1:100 model of ITER
JET control room
Launch of the new Women in Fusion website
Franz Ferdinand Locker, M.Sc.