ITER offers many opportunities for European industry.

Austria is a member of Fusion for Energy (F4E). Distribution of industry relevant information is one of the functions of the Fusion@ÖAW coordination office. If you are interested to receive mails with up-to-date information, please contact: Monika Fischer or Lätitia Unger

Follow-up Project DEMO

EUROfusion manages and funds European fusion research activities on behalf of the European Commission. As stated in the European Research Roadmap to the Realisation of fusion Energy, ITER is providing vital information for DEMO, which, however, needs to be complemented by experience from industry. After DEMO, industry will lead fusion power plant production. To realize an electricity-generating power plant, all the systems need to be integrated in an industrial approach providing a framework to drive innovation in areas that will have significant impact on performance, reliability, maintainability, capital and lifetime costs.

The Demo Design offers a range of opportunities for industrial innovation, such as:

  • Embedding industry experience in the design to ensure that licensing, manufacturing and operational aspects are considered
  • Assessing the technology readiness, system integration readiness and licencing potential of technology/design options
  • Cost estimation

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