Wendelstein 7-X

Wendelstein 7-X, located in Greifswald (Germany), is the worldwide largest stellarator. It is equipped with modular superconducting coils which enable steady state plasma operation. The stellarator is an alternative design concept to the tokamak with a view to a future fusion power plant.


The main assembly of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator at the Greifswald branch of IPP was completed in 2014.  The first plasma was achieved in December 2015 and the facility was officially inaugurated on 3rd February 2016 in the presence of the German chancellor Angela Merkel. The preparation of experimental campaigns, theory and modelling is carried out in close co-operation with the EUROfusion consortium.

Find more Information under the following link: https://www.ipp.mpg.de/wendelstein7x