The TCV (Tokamak à Configuration Variable) is a research fusion device located in Lausanne (Switzerland). It belongs to the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

In September 2023, the TCV celebrated its 30th anniversary.


The EFPL's research domains at the TCV comprise various topic areas. For instance, researchers focus on the development of new plasma shapes, the heating of plasma using ECRH as well as research question from the topic area of transport and rotation. Furthermore, they deal with research objectives regarding H-mode and advanced Tokamak scenarios. You can find further information and more research areas on the website of the EPFL.

Technical Data

  • Major plasma radius: 0.89 metres
  • Minor plasma radius: 0.25 metres
  • Aspect ratio: 3.5
  • Plasma elongation: 0.9 − 2.8
  • Plasma triangularity: -0.8 − +0.9
  • Maximal plasma current: 1.2 MA
  • Max. discharge duration: 2.6s in ohmic, 4s with ECCD
  • Core electron density: 1−20×1019m-3
  • Core electron temperature: ≤ 1 keV (ohmic), ≤ 15 keV (ECH)
  • Core ion temperature: ≤ 1 keV
  • Main ion component: deuterium, hydrogen or helium
  • Main heavy impurity: carbon (C⁶⁺)