Hannes Androsch Foundation

The Hannes Androsch Foundation at the OeAW supports research on “Arbeit und Festigung des sozialen Ausgleichs und Friedens”. To this end the Foundation awards the Hannes Androsch Prize, to the tune of € 100,000.


The Hannes Androsch Prize is awarded in recognition of an outstanding scientific contribution to the controversial question of “Die Gestaltung eines Sozialversicherungssystems, das der zweifachen Gefährdung durch demografische Entwicklung und Finanzmarktrisiken standhält”. In 2011 the prize Markus Knell for his work “Pay-As-You-Go – A Relic from the Past or a Promise for the Future?”. 


Named after its founder, Hannes Androsch, the institution is the most important private charitable foundation for the promotion of science and research in Austria. 


Dr. Hannes Androsch

Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger

Prof. Dr. Michael Alram

Scientific advisory board

Prof. Dr. Herbert Matis

Prof. DI Dr. Wilhelm Schneider

Prof. Dr. Georg Stingl

Prof. Dr. Erich Streissler

Prof. DI Dr. Hans Sünkel

Prof. Dr. Gunther Tichy