Past events

Viktor Kaplan Lectures 2016/2017

Organized by Christian Hellmich and Herbert Mang, ÖAW/Technical University Vienna

Topics & Lecturers

Karl von Frisch Lectures 2015/2016

Organised by Friedrich G. Barth, ÖAW, University Vienna

Topcis and Lecturers

Eduard Suess Lectures

The Eduard Suess Lectures focus on research topics from the field of Geosciences. The series is named after the Austrian scientist and politician Eduard Suess, who founded the “Vienna School of Geology” in the early twentieth century, initiated the construction of Vienna’s first mountain spring water supply and played a large role in the regulation of the Danube in Vienna.

Scientific conception:
Commission for Geosciences


Littrow Lectures

The Littrow Lectures examine topics from the fields of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Research. The series is named after two of the most important Austrian astronomers of the nineteenth century, Joseph Johann and Karl Ludwig von Littrow, who were both directors of the university observatory in Vienna.

Scientific conception:
Commission for Astronomy



Kerner von Marilaun Lectures

The Kerner von Marilaun Lectures pose controversial questions concerning humankind and its influence on the environment and the management of natural resources. The series derives its name from Anton Kerner von Marilaun, one of the most important Austrian botanists of the nineteenth century. He was one of the botanical pioneers of his day, demonstrating correlations between climate and the distribution of plant species.

Scientific conception:
Commission for Interdisciplinary Ecological Studies