Kardinal König - Walter Thirring-Lecture

Kardinal Franz König (left) and Walter Thirring. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Walter Ching, ÖAW

The Austrian physicist and OeAW Academy member Walter Thirring and the long-serving Archbishop of Vienna and OeAW honorary member Cardinal Franz König were both committed to creating a dialogue between the sciences and religion. The “Cardinal König meetings” that took place between 2004 and 2013 offered a framework for discussion between renowned personalities from both fields.

The OeAW takes up this call for critical dialogue; in 2016 the Academy launched the “Cardinal König Walter Thirring Lectures” in memory of Walter Thirring. The inaugural lecture in the series focussed on the current debate on stem cell research and its ethical implications.


Kardinal König - Walter Thirring-Lecture
03 March 2016
Was bringt, was darf Stammzellforschung?