Merry Christmas from IWF Graz

Lookig forward to the space year 2022


Two highlights mark the end of a challenging yet successful year: On 18 December, the MISSION POSSIBLE! exhibition on the occasion of our institute's 50th birthday was opened and visited in advance by some young researchers. The launch of the James Webb telescope is planned for 25 December 13:20 CET - "an astronomical milestone that will enable us to observe exoplanets down to the infrared spectral range for the first time," says IWF Director Christiane Helling.

The new year, which is just around the corner, is going to be hot, too: BepiColombo will fly by Mercury for a second time in June, Solar Orbiter will pay a third visit to Venus in early September, and in October it will have a close approach to the Sun within 0.3 AU (about 45 million km). Finally, the launch of the Chinese satellite Macao Science 1 is planned for December.

All further dates will be announced on our website. If you would like to be informed regularly about news and events, you are welcome to join our mailing lists.

IWF wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!