ERC Grant for Claude Becker: Exploring a Chemical Competition Between Plants

Many plants are outcompeting their neighboring plants by releasing toxic chemical compounds into the soil. However, this strategy does not work in any case. Some plants are able to tolerate that chemical attacks. Claude Becker, Junior Group Leader at Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, is interested in the genetic and molecular mechanisms of the selective impact of these chemicals – in donor and target plants as well as in involved soil microbes. For his project he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant recently.

Claude Becker © GMI
Claude Becker © GMI


Claude Beckers  Projekt heisst „Function and Evolution of Attack and Response Strategies during Allelopathy in Plants“ (FEAR-SAP) und wird vom Europäischen Forschungsrat mit einem ERC Starting Grant gefördert.

GMI – Gregor Mendel Institut für Molekulare Pflanzenbiologie der ÖAW

Forschungsgruppe von Claude Becker

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