Academy awards almost 100 scholarships to young researchers

More than 10 million euros for talented young scientists, 55 percent of them women

© ÖAW/Daniel Hinterramskogler

On January 31, 2019, exactly 99 young researchers from various scientific disciplines received a scholarship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) and the MAX KADE Foundation. In competition with their peers, they were able to convince the reviewers with their projects and will be supported in their research activities for up to three years.

Funding is provided for research projects in the natural sciences, the life sciences and medicine, as well as the humanities, social sciences and law. In addition to 86 individual doctoral scholarships (DOCs), three DOC team grants for interdisciplinary research groups and ten MAX KADE scholarships were awarded; the latter enabling young researchers to work at several renowned universities in the USA. In total, the scholarships this year amount to € 10.66 million. Fifty-five percent of the awardees are women.

Excellent young academics

"The promotion of young talented scientists is essential; the future of science belongs to them," says Heinz Faßmann, Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research. "I am therefore particularly pleased that the OeAW and the MAX KADE Foundation are again providing considerable sums to support young, creative minds. Young researchers in particular often find it difficult to raise funds for their research projects – all the more important are grants like these. And I am particularly pleased that more than half of those selected are women."

"With our scholarships we promote the best young minds in Austria. We encourage risk, unusual ideas and lateral thinking", says OeAW president Anton Zeilinger. "The young people we are distinguishing today with a scholarship from the OeAW receive the opportunity to follow their curiosity and to discover something new – even beyond the borders of their own subject. Austria needs many new ideas to succeed in the international competition for innovation. That's why investing in the next generation of research is crucial", continues Zeilinger.

Diverse research projects

The funded projects range widely in their content: from the molecular mechanisms of learning, to affordable and humane living in slums, to the question of how individuals' mistakes affect the group dynamics in team sports.

After announcing the call for proposals, the OeAW received a total of 365 applications. The best projects were selected through an international peer review process and included in one of the funding programs. The approval rate this year was 27 percent.