Research Scientist
Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics

Email: konrad.schrempf(at)


Academic Background

My focus here (at the ÖAW) is on frames and unbounded operators from an algebraic perspective. In general I'm working in the area of non-commutative algebra with emphasis on free fields (universal fields of fractions of free associative algebras), from a purely algebraic point of view over algorithmic aspects (e.g. implementation FDALG in FriCAS towards applications. A tiny introduction to free fractions is available at, the complete theory can be found in my PhD thesis (in German) or (in English).

Current Research

05/2019 Dr. rer. nat. (with distinction) in Mathematics at the University of Vienna
(Faculty of Mathematics)
11/2008 Dipl.-Ing. (with distinction) in Technical Mathematics at Graz University of
Technology (Institute of Applied Mathematics)