PhD Student
Acoustic Phonetics

Tel. +43 51581-2544
Email: jan.luttenberger(at)

Academic background

Jan Luttenberger studied Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna. He wrote his master's thesis on the reception and popular cultural appropriation of computer games in online forums, entitled "From game to story. User generated computer game based text genres as part of popular culture ".

Current research

Since October 2017, Jan Luttenberger works at the Institute for Acoustic Research in the research group Acoustic Phonetics. In the SFB project "German in Austria" he examines the basic dialect in Lower Austria, Styria and Burgenland.



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  • Luttenberger J. (2017) Vom Spiel zur Story. Usergenerierte computerspielbasierte Textgenres als Teil der Populärkultur. . Universität Wien, Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, .
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