PhD Student
Acoustic Phonetics

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Scientific IDs:
ResearcherID: N-5022-2015

Academic background

Hannah Leykum studied Phonetics, Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Trier in Germany. She graduated in 2012 with her thesis titled “Erkennbarkeit des Geschlechts präpubertärer Kinder anhand des stimmlich-sprachlichen Verhaltens“ (Recognition of the Sex of prepubertal Children on the Basis of their Voice and Speech Behaviour). Afterwards she did supplementary studies in Teaching German as a foreign Language.


Current Research

Since September 2014 she works as a research assistant on the BE-SyMPHONic project at the Acoustic Research Institute in Vienna. Currently she in working on her dissertation project about the production and perception of verbal irony in normal-hearing and CI-listeners.