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Psychoacoustics and Experimental Audiology

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ORCID: 0000-0002-2293-8572
ResearcherID (Publons/Scopus/Web of Science): AAF-1198-2019
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Academic Background

07/2020                Dr. rer. nat. (with distinction) at the Department of Cognition, Emotion, and Methods in Psychology, University of Vienna (Supervisor: Prof. Ulrich Ansorge)
10/2015                MSc in Psychology („Mind & Brain“) at the University of Vienna
06/2013                BSc in Psychology at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg and University of Vienna

Current Research

As part of the Born2Hear project, I currently investigate the auditory looming bias, a preference for approaching compared to receding auditory motion. We use this effect to study the development and adaption of spatial hearing across the human lifespan by combining auditory psychophysics and neurophysiological measures.

During my PhD, I was focusing on visual attention. I examined language influences (caused by one’s native language) on visual attention during various language-related and unrelated tasks, both for conscious and unconscious processing. My research also included the relationship between visual attention and stimulus awareness, as well as memory contents during visual search.



  • Ignatiadis K.; Baier D.; Töth B.; Baumgartner R. (2021) Neural mechanisms underlying the auditory looming bias. Auditory Perception & Cognition, S. 1-14.
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Additional Information


  • 2019/20w, 2019s: Introductory Seminar: Cognitive Foundations of Experience and Behaviour (Psychology, Bachelor)
  • 2019/20w, 2018/19w, 2017/18w: MEi:CogSci Cognitive Science Lecture Series: Introduction to EEG (Cognitive Science, Master)
  • 2018/19w, 2017/18w: Bachelor Thesis (Psychology, Bachelor)   
  • 2018s, 2017s: Scientific Readings (Psychology, Bachelor)