Perception of Interaural Time Differences (ITD)

Objective and Methods

This project cluster includes several studies on the perception of interaural time differences (ITD) in cochlear implant (CI), hearing impaired (HI), and normal hearing (NH) listeners. Studying different groups of listeners allows for identification of the factors that are most important to ITD perception. Furthermore, the comparison between the groups allows for the development of strategies to improve ITD sensitivity in CI and HI listeners.


  • FsGd: Effects of ITD in Ongoing, Onset, and Offset in Cochlear Implant Listeners
  • ITD Sync: Effects of interaural time difference in fine structure and envelope on lateral discrimination in electric hearing
  • ITD Jitter CI: Recovery from binaural adaptation with cochlear implants
  • ITD Jitter NH: Recovery from binaural adaptation in normal hearing
  • ITD Jitter HI: Recovery from binaural adaptation with sensorineural hearing impairment
  • ITD CF: Effect of center frequency and rate on the sensitivity to interaural delay in high-frequency click trains
  • IID-CI: Perception of Interaural Intensity Differences by Cochlear Implant Listeners