Acoustic Measurement Tool at Acoustics Research Institute (AMTatARI)


The Acoustic Measurement Tool at the Acoustics Research Institute (AMTatARI) has been developed for the automatic measurement of system properties of electro-acoustic systems like loudspeakers and microphones. As a special function, this tool allows an automatic measurement of Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF). 

Measurement of the following features has been implemented so far:

  • total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • signal in noise and distortions (SINAD)
  • impulse response

The impulse responses can be measured with the Maximum Length Sequences (MLS) or with exponential sweeps. Whereas, in case of the sweeps, the new multiple exponential sweep method (MESM) is available. This method is also used to measure HRTFs with AMTatARI.