Time-frequency analysis, frame theory and more in Strobl

Every two years the Applied Harmonic Analysis and Friends conference takes place in Strobl (AT).

Strobl 2022, © D. Haider

The conference is organized by the Acoustics Research Institute at the ÖAW the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna and CeDAR, University of California. After a break due to the pandemic the conference took place as usual in June (19th to 25th).

The general theme of the conference is - roughly speaking - the theory of time-frequency representations. It is thus mainly a mathematical conference with the central theme of harmonic analysis, although related applications as well as other mathematical topics are not rejected.

Over 100 researchers travelled from around the world to the Wolfgangsee in the Salzkammergut, where the conference takes place at the BIFEB since 2007, to present 31 talks of which five were plenary talks. Two sessions with 43 posters completed the program - it is a particular concern of the organizers to give this form of presentation more weight and importance than is usual in mathematics.

This year special talks were held in honor of Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger, founder of the conference, on the occasion of his 70th birthday in 2021. Colleagues and former pupils held talks dedicated to the scholar. Prof. Feichtinger held the final talk placing harmonic analysis in a historical context as well as elaborating on his favorite tools in time-frequency analysis.

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