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The Institute  
The institute Welcome to the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture (IKAnt) The institute is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can contact the institute and its library at following address: Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture (IKAnt) Hollandstraße 11-13 1020 Wien Telephone + 43- 1- 51 581-3483 E-Mail antike@oeaw.ac.at FOLDER  
Monumenta Antiqua  
As of January 1, 2014 a new division was established at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture (IKAnt). Similar to the Documenta Antiqua, the newly formed Monumenta Antiqua (head: Andreas Pülz) is organized into five working groups. The division Monumenta Antiqua carries out cultural-historical research projects mainly based on archaeological data. Additionally, documentary sources are considered as well, in general in close cooperation with the Documenta Antiqua. Furthermore, stand-alone projects deal with the following topics: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA), Reception of ancient mythology, Testimonia Epigraphica Norica (T.E.Nor.). Working groups Religion and Society (Head: G. Kremer) Ancient Music (Head: S. Hagel) Early Christianity (Head: A. Pülz) Frontiers and frontier Communities (Head: C. Gugl) Living in Antiquity (Head: P. Ruggendorfer) Stand-alone projects Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Reception of ancient mythology Testimonia Epigraphica Norica (T.E.Nor.)  
Documenta Antiqua  
The division Documenta Antiqua is a research platform for the documentary source disciplines of ancient history in Vienna: epigraphy, numismatics and papyrology. Additionally, it covers the history of ancient law and Latin lexicography. In view of its structure the division is particularly suited for interdisciplinary research, connecting the source disciplines with historical research as well as with archaeology. Head:  Bernhard Woytek Research Groups  
The Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture has an own department library with about 4500 titles. The inventory is also enriched through a considerable series of permanent loans from the main library of the ÖAW. All existing books are available in the online-catalogue of the main library. Furthermore, 7300 separata from the estate of H. Vetters are at the institute. The three working groups of the department Documenta antiqua have seperate libraries. Their books are available in the online-catalogue of the main library of the ÖAW. Hauptbibliothek der ÖAW: Kataloge Estate Vetters: List of Separata Separata Krinzinger ATTENTION! The department library is a reference library and the borrowing of books outside of the institute is only possible as an exception.  Address Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture Hollandstraße 11-13 1020 Vienna Contact Jana Johr T +43 1 51581-3479   Opening hours Mon - Thu   9.00 am-3.00 pm             Fri   9.00 am-1.00 pm Appointments requested! The library is closed at the moment.  
Division Monumenta Antiqua Division Documenta Antiqua Head of the Institute Administration  
Religion and Society  
The work group’s focus lies on the collection and comprehensive analysis of archaeological sources linked to ancient religion and society. Evidence of cult activities, funerary architecture and other find groups are surveyed through the lens of their historical and socio-cultural context. A crucial part of the investigations is dedicated to the categories of architectural and sculptural finds, which are evaluated in their archaeological and overall historical context and published in the framework of Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani. The workgroup is currently analyzing finds and findings from various regions of the Roman Empire in a cultural-historical context.      Head: G. Kremer V. Gassner (ea), P. Ruggendorfer Current areas of specialization: CSIR - Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani The Roman Stone Monuments from Carnuntum; Stone Monuments and Quarrying in the Carnuntum – Vindobona Area  Iuppiter Heliopolitanus The Temple District of luppiter Heliopolitanus in the Canabae of Carnuntum Roman Era Architecture and Sculpture from the Settlement on Titelberg Mountain Funerary Monuments from the Western part of civitas Treverorum  
Mission Statement  
The research conducted by the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture (IKAnt) covers a wide range with studies reaching from the Archaic to the Byzantine period and including the entire Mediterranean region, the Danube and northwestern provinces of the Roman Empire, Iran, Central Asia as well as the Indo-Iranian borderlands. The focus of research is on the compilation, edition and analysis of archaeological, epigraphic, literary, numismatic and papyrological sources. Of special interest are aspects of cultural, political, social and economic history, as well as questions relating to legal history which are of supra-regional significance. These studies mostly represent an approach which differs from that of the disciplines of Classical Studies at the universities or at institutes focusing on the preservation of monuments or on field archaeology, and complement it. Within the framework of the projects, which are consistently part of intra-, as well as interdisciplinary and international networks, subject-specific methods for the analysis and documentation of finds and findings are also being developed. The results are regularly discussed at international events/symposia and made public through conferences, publications and databases.  The declared aim is the publication of the results, for which, according to the field of research, several series and periodicals are available.  In addition, the consistent integration of young scholars into current research projects provides them with a sound basis for further education and promotion. Finally, the institute is responsible for several international long-term commitments by the Academy with regard to the publication of corpora and lexica.  
Honorary Staff  
Dr. Jesper Blid Tel.: +46 73 631 9851  E-Mail: jesper.blid@antiken.su.se Dr. Ruey-Lin Chang Tel.: +886 (0)3366 471 7 E-Mail: rlchang@ntu.edu.tw Univ.-Prof. Dr. Th. Corsten, k.M. (Uni Wien) Tel.: +43-1-51581-2474 E-Mail: thomas.corsten@univie.ac.at  ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. V. Gassner (Uni Wien) Tel.: +43-1-51581-3459 E-Mail: verena.gassner@univie.ac.at Projekt: Iuppiter Heliopolitanus Univ.-Prof. Dr. C. Harrauer Tel.: +43-1-51581-3462 E-Mail: christine.harrauer@oeaw.ac.at Projekt: Nachleben des Antiken Mythos Prof. Dr. K. Harter-Uibopuu (Uni Hamburg) Tel.: +49-40-42838-4758 E-Mail: kaja.harter@uni-hamburg.de wHR tit. ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. W. Jobst, k.M. Tel.: +43-1-51581-3465 E-Mail: werner.jobst@oeaw.ac.at em. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. F. Krinzinger, w.M., Institutsdirektor i.R. E-Mail: friedrich.krinzinger@oeaw.ac.at HR Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. S. Ladstätter, k.M.  (ÖAI) E-Mail: sabine.ladstaetter@oeaw.ac.at Projekte: HH2, WE 3 und 5; Byz. Ephesos: Fundbearbeitung  Univ.-Prof. Dr. F. Mitthof, k.M. (Uni Wien) Email: fritz.mitthof@univie.ac.at Projekt: Documentary Fayumic Papyri in Vienna Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. B. Palme, w.M. (Uni Wien) Email: bernhard.palme@univie.ac.at Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. R. Pillinger, w. M. E-Mail: renate.pillinger@univie.ac.at em. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. DDr. h.c. G. Thür, k.M. Tel.: +43-1-51581-3271 E-Mail: gerhard.thuer@oeaw.ac.at Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. H. Thür Tel.: +43-1-51581-3466 E-Mail: hilke.thuer@oeaw.ac.at Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Trinkl (Uni Graz) Tel.: +43-1-51581-3485 E-mail: elisabeth.trinkl@oeaw.ac.at  Dr. N. Zimmermann (DAI Rom) E-Mail: norbert.zimmermann@dainst.de Projekt: Domitilla-Katakombe  
Head of the Institute  
Vice-Director: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ch. Gugl, M.A. MSc-GIS  E-Mail: christian.gugl@oeaw.ac.at 1020 Vienna, Hollandstraße 11-13 Tel.: +43-1-51581-3482 Director: Priv.-Doz. MMag. Dr. A. Pülz, w.M. E-Mail: andreas.puelz@oeaw.ac.at 1020 Vienna, Hollandstraße 11-13 Tel.: +43-1-51581-3463 Head of the Institute