This publication addresses new research and material of the Neolithic, Early Bronze Age and beginning of the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 7000–2000 BC) on Crete. It includes a detailed bibliography, analysis of chronology, material culture, archaeological features, transport, trade, historical conclusions as well as an outline of regional trends and reports on new research in the area.

This volume of the »Aegean Early Period, 2nd Series« is dedicated to new discoveries and new research on the Neolithic, Early Bronze Age and the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age on Crete, i. e. the period from ca. 7000 to 2000 BC. These periods are the prerequisite for the emergence of the Minoan palatial culture, the first advanced civilization in Europe. All archaeological, cultural historical and historical topics are treated, based on the extensive, recent literature, numerous new discoveries and publications of older, long-awaited and relevant materials for this period. Above all, an overall synthesis of the pre-palatial development of Crete is attempted, which aims at both a holistic representation and a placing in the wider framework of Aegean prehistory. The volume is complemented by a finds report structured by landscapes. Furthermore, excavators will contribute reports on their latest results.

The book is divided into three sections:

  1. Section One: Bibliography for the years 1977 to 2005 (available online).
  2. Section Two: Analytical overviews of the following topics: I. Chronology and synchronisation. II. Animal and plant resources. III. The archaeological findings: 1 architecture. 2 graves. 3 figurines. 4 pottery. 5 stone vessels. 6 tools (obsidian, stone, bone, clay). 7 metallurgy (technology and tools) 8 seals. 9 jewellery. IV. Economy and society. V. Historical conclusions: Neolithic: Neolithization, external contacts in the final phase of the Neolithic. Pre-palatial time: Cycladic contacts in Early Minoan IB. Emergence of Early Bronze Age centres. Continuity and dis-continuity between Early Minoan IIB and Middle Minoan IA. Near Eastern relations of Crete. Early Minoan III and Middle Minoan IA as predecessors of the palace culture.
  3. Section Three: Description of the development of the Neolithic and pre-palatial culture in the individual landscapes of Crete.
  4. Appendix with original contributions from excavators and researchers. A rich apparatus of illustrations and distribution maps will complete the book.



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