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In February, July and August, the ACDH offers internships for students, academics and young professionals interested in getting to know the institute from the inside.

What we offer

Internships at the ACDH aim to provide a hands-on work experience and an insight into the workings of an academic research institute with a focus on digital humanities scholarship. Interns will gain a first-hand impression of the academic world and an understanding of what a career as a DH researcher may entail. In assigning interns to specific research projects or work groups, we will take into account their interests and allow them to practice specific skills, while also giving them the opportunity to expand their academic knowledge and gain new experience.

Depending on your personal specifications and previous experience, your activities at the ACDH may focus on:

  • Project-Based Research: participating in one of the current research projects in disciplines like linguistics, history, literary studies, media studies and many more, engaging in humanities scholarship with the help of digital tools
  • Technical Development: developing and improving software for DH research, data analysis, user interface design
  • Outreach and Network: internal and public communication and event management in the academic field

We offer internships of 120 hours (30 hrs a week for 4 weeks) or 160 hours (20 hrs a week for 8 weeks). Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot offer financial compensation, but we are happy to award academic credit if an external internship is part of your university curriculum.

What we're looking for

We welcome applications from everyone with an interest in the expanding field of the digital humanities. Given the great diversity of jobs within the DH, we are happy to accept interns from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether you are a student who studies in the humanities and would like to gain extra experience with academic research or somebody with a background in ICT or computer studies who would like to apply their skills exploring the humanities. In order to assign you a suitable position, we ask you to specify in your application where your capabilities and interests lie. If you want to focus on ICT work, some familiarity with XML and web technologies such as HTML5, CSS & Javascript would be helpful.

In all interns, regardless of their specialisation, we look for good reasoning skills, excellent time management,  good social skills, reliability and accuracy. We also expect at least a basic adeptness in working with computers and digital methods. With regards to language skills, you should be able to communicate efficiently in either German or English, ideally both. 

How to apply

If you are interested in an internship, you can apply via the application form on our website.

Please note that all internship positions for summer 2018 have been filled.
The application period for the February 2019 internships will start in autumn.

In case you have any additional questions regarding the internship or the application process, feel free to contact Daniela Fasching (daniela.fasching(at)