DARIAH ELDAH - Consent Form Wizard

Digital humanities and its work with data is subject to two important areas of the law: data privacy and intellectual property rights. In order to provide researchers with basic orientation in legal issues and to facilitate the opening up of data, CLARIN ERIC developed the  “Public License Selector”. This tools supports researchers in resolving copyright and licensing issues. An analogue tool to manage data privacy issues is currently still an uncovered demand of the research community. The DARIAH working group ELDAH (“Ethics and Legality in Digital Arts and Humanities”) has decided to fill this gap by developing the “Consent Form Wizard” (CFW). 

This tool will enable researchers to correctly approach the management of personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After responding to a series of questions, researchers will receive a standardized consent form template for collecting consent from data subjects in DH projects (e.g. from visitors of scientific events, survey participants, etc.). The provided consent forms shall be valid throughout the entire European Union and will therefore serve the entire DARIAH and DH community. The wizard is developed by the ACDH-CH in cooperation with the Centre for Information Modelling of the University of Graz, the Croatian Academy of Science and DARIAH-HR. The project is funded by CLARIAH-AT and DARIAH-HR.