Di, 19.09.2017 16:00

The Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer

ITA-Seminar, Osmo KUUSI (University of Turku)

In 2014, the Committee for the Future of the Finish Parliament published the English edition of the well-known Radical Technology Inquirer RTI – a tool to anticipate and evaluate the impacts of radical technological breakthroughs. In 2016, the list of 100 radical innovation breakthroughs has been updated and the second Finnish updating in the Committee for the Future will start next autumn. In 2016, the European Commission opened a call for tenders based on this tool with a view to generalizing it for the European level.

The Finnish Futures Research Centre now leads a consortium to carry out the resulting project "Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer RIBRI (2017-2018)", involving also Fraunhofer ISI and the Institutul de Prospectiva (Romania) are involved. The main aim of the RIBRI is to anticipate and evaluate the impacts of radical innovation breakthroughs on the European level and in various national contexts of EU countries. 

Like in the original RTI, the two main elements of the RIBRI are 100 promising radical innovation breakthroughs RIBs and 20 emerging Global Value Networks GVNs that are used in the evaluation of the RIBs.



André Gazsó


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