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The Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the largest national, non-university research organisation.
Currently the following positions are open for applications:

Postdoctoral researcher (f/m) in experimental study of Low-Energy QCD performing Kaonic Atom Spectroscopy

(Full time, duration 2 years)

Starting on February 1, 2020

Please find the detailed description and requirements here:
Post Doc Kaonic

Contact for further information:
Dr. Johann Zmeskal
Email: johann.zmeskal(at)

Sent your application to:
Post Doc Kaonic
Email: smi(at)
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Stefan Meyer Institut for Subatomic Physics
Boltzmanngasse 3
1090 Vienna

Application Deadline: 30/12/2019 (rolling interview procedure)

Elektro-TechnikerIn (f/m)

(40 Wochenstunden)

ab März 2020

Weitere Spezifikationen der Anforderungen finden Sie in der detailierten Beschreibung unten.

Fr. Julia Selmi
E-Mail: smi(at)
Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Stefan-Meyer-Institut für subatomare Physik
Boltzmanngasse 3
1090 Wien  

Bewerbungsfrist: 31-01-2020