NuPECC is launching Long Range Plan (LRP) 2024 for Nuclear Physics in Europe

At its recent meeting in Madrid, NuPECC took the decision to launch the process of creating a new Long Range Plan (LRP) for Nuclear Physics in Europe, identifying opportunities and priorities for nuclear science in Europe, with the aim of publishing the document in 2024.


The previous Long Range Plan can be found at nupecc.org/pub/lrp17/lrp2017.pdf and an assessment of its implementation at nupecc.org/2017_LRP_Assessment_of_Implementation_final.pdf.
With the intention of strengthening the bottom-up approach that has always played an important role in the LRPs, in the coming few days NuPECC will open a call for input describing the view of collaborations, experiments, or communities on the key topics for the next 10 years to be included in the upcoming LRP. The Committee encourages active participation of the whole community in the elaboration of the strategic plan for the future of European nuclear physics.