The Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the largest national, non-university research organisation.
Currently the following positions are open for applications:


in atomic beam experiments for tests of the Standard Model
(full-time, 40h per week)

for a 1-2-year period.

A Postdoc position is available from September 2021 on atomic beam experiments with hydrogen and deuterium beams within the ASACUSA and GRASIAN experiments. The candidate is expected to spend a roughly equal amount of time in Vienna and at CERN, where some of the experiments are located. Atomic beams are used for hyperfine spectroscopy of ground-state atoms, de-excitation studies of Rydberg atoms relevant for the antihydrogen program of ASACUSA, and studies of quantum reflection of hydrogen from surfaces with the aim of creating ultra-cold hydrogen atoms for precision experiments.

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