• 22.07.2009 , Wien
    Ronny Ramlau
    Wavelet Based Multilevel Methods for Linear Ill - Posed Problems
    AIP Wien
  • 21.07.2009 , Lisbon
    Renjun Duan
    Time decay of some linear kinetic equations
    Kinetics and statistical methods for complex particle systems
  • 21.07.2009 , Vienna
    Clemens Zarzer
    Regularization with non-convex sparsity constraints
    Conference on Applied Inverse Problems 2009 - AIP 2009
  • 21.07.2009 , Vienna
    Massimo Fornasier
    Inverse free-discontinuity problems and iterative thresholding algorithms
    Conference on Applied Inverse Problems 2009 (AIP 2009)
  • 21.07.2009 , Vienna
    Massimo Fornasier
    Multilevel preconditioning in inverse problems with sparsity constraints
    Conference on Applied Inverse Problems 2009 (AIP 2009)
  • 14.07.2009 , Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin
    Ronnie Loeffen
    Controlled spectrally negative Levy processes with applications
    Seminar "Modern Methods in Applied Stochastics and Nonparametric Statistics"
  • 14.07.2009 , Dublin
    Arne Winterhof
    Legendre-Sidelnikov sequences
  • 09.07.2009 , Pichl
    Stephan W Anzengruber
    Morozov’s Discrepancy Principle for Tikhonov-type functionals with non-linear operators
    DK Statusseminar
  • 08.07.2009 , Pichl, Schladming
    Madalina Hodorog
    A symbolic-numeric algorithm for genus computation
    DK Status Seminar
  • 03.07.2009 , Innsbruck
    G. Regensburger
    Algebraische Strukturen für Randwertprobleme
    Colloqium on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Ulrich Oberst
  • 03.07.2009 , Salamanca
    Alvar Ibeas
    Sum of two squares decomposition from approximations
    Terceras Jornados de teoria de numeros
  • 03.07.2009 , Linz
    Kraus, J.
    Algebraic Multilevel Methods for Elliptic Finite Element Equations (Habilitation Colloquium)
    Johannes Kepler Symposium on Mathematics
  • 01.07.2009 , Warwick
    Massimo Fornasier
    Inverse free discontinuity problems and iterative thresholding algotihms
    EPSRC Symposium Capstone Warwick Mathematical Institute
  • 25.06.2009 , Abo Akademi University, Abo/Turku
    Ronnie Loeffen
    De Finetti's dividend problem with absolutely continuous controls
    Optimal Stopping with Applications Symposium
  • 25.06.2009 , Montréal
    G. Regensburger
    Integro-Differential Operators as an Ore Algebra
    Applications of Computer Algebra: ACA 2009
  • 23.06.2009
    Gabor Hegedues
    Free resolutions in combinatorics
    RICAM Symbolic Computation Group Seminar
  • 22.06.2009 , Linz
    David Sevilla
    Radical parametrizations of curves
    Linz Algebra Day 2009
  • 22.06.2009
    Gabor Hegedues
    The Lex game and an application
    Linz Algebra Day
  • 19.06.2009 , Barcelona
    David Sevilla
    Deciding trigonality of algebraic curves
    MEGA 2009: Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry
  • 15.06.2009
    Mourad Sini
    Inverse scattering and boundary value problem for complex structures
    Habiliation Coll
  • 15.06.2009 , Strobl
    Sivananthan Sampath
    Dual regularized total least squares as a two-parameter regularization learning algorithm
    Conference on Time-Frequency
  • 15.06.2009 , Strobl
    Massimo Fornasier
    Compressive algorithms. Multilevel preconditioning and convergence rates
    Int. Conf. Modern Methods of Time-Frequency Analysis
  • 12.06.2009 , Madrid
    Alvar Ibeas
    Noisy interpolation of multivariate sparse polynomials in finite fields
    AAECC 18
  • 11.06.2009 , London
    Satyendra Tomar
    Optimal cost for functional-type a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin approximations
    MAFELAP 2009
  • 11.06.2009
    Sven Beuchler
    Fast solvers for hp-FEM using hexahedral elements
  • 09.06.2009 , Linz
    David Sevilla
    Deciding trigonality of algebraic curves
    RICAM Group Seminar - Symbolic Computation
  • 09.06.2009 , London
    Daniel Wachsmuth
    Convergence and regularization results for optimal control problems with sparsity functional
    MAFELAP 2009
  • 07.06.2009 , Sozopol
    Ivan Georgiev
    Multilevel Preconditioning of Crouzeix-Raviart 3D Pure Displacement Elasticity Problems
    7th International Conference on "Large-Scale Scientific Computations"
  • 04.06.2009 , Sozopol
    Erwin Karer
    Algebraic Multigrid for Problems in Linear Elasticity discretized by DG methods
    7th International Conference on "Large-Scale Scientific Computations"
  • 04.06.2009
    Kraus, J.
    Multilevel Preconditioning in H(div) and Applications
    7th International Conference on "Large-Scale Scientific Computations"